Work-linked training is the best way to gain professional experience quickly!

Every year, many students choose to pursue a course of study combining practice and theory through the sandwich course. Whatever the field of specialisation and level of study, studying under a sandwich course offers many advantages and can lead to a job.

What is work-linked training?

By allowing you to train for a trade, work-linked training is a type of vocational training model that combines practical work in a professional environment with theoretical learning in a training centre. The professionalisation contract and the apprenticeship contract are the two types of work-linked training contracts. On the one hand, a recognised professional qualification will be obtained at the end of the professionalisation contract. On the other hand, a state diploma or a title with professional finality will be obtained through the apprenticeship contract. In working life, rapid and easier integration will be ensured for these young students. To find companies abroad, you must write a cover letter in English.

The advantages of the sandwich course

Thanks to the effectiveness of the principle of dividing the time between work in a company and studies in a training organisation, in recent years the sandwich course has developed considerably. The students who opt for such a course can therefore boost both their academic career with a diploma and their professional career, thanks to their employment contract and status as an employee. In addition, the cost of the training course is generally covered by the company, which will allow the student to benefit from free studies by going for this scheme. Moreover, it is quite possible to be paid while working in a sandwich course. Finally, even if it is not an obligation, once the training course is completed, the student is often recruited by the employer.

Professional experience

Acquiring professional experience is one of the main objectives of the sandwich course. This will be possible with the time spent in the company. In addition, the student will be able to develop his or her know-how and skills by adopting a professional posture. In addition, they will be able to acquire new knowledge while putting into practice the theoretical notions dealt with in class. It should be noted that lack of experience is a barrier to employment for recruiters, so this experience is the best solution for young people looking for their first job. At the end of their training, they will be ready for employment. In addition, learners will be able to better refine their career plans by opting for work-linked training.

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