Job search: update your profile regularly

Published on : 14 June 20212 min reading time

Currently, finding a job is really difficult for new graduates as well as for people who want to change jobs. As a result, candidates will need to highlight their strengths, personalities and differences by updating their profiles in order to get a job.

Updating your linkedIn profile to find a job

Updating your LinkedIn profile is a very important step if you want to get a job. Indeed, updating your LinkedIn profile has obvious reasons in the working world. First of all, it allows you to expand your network, to be seen by recruiters in general and to seize new opportunities. Having an up-to-date profile makes it easier for recruiters to take an interest in the candidate’s profile. As a result, recruiters have the idea to contact the candidate thanks to all the information mentioned on his/her profile. However, there is also a less obvious reason for updating a linkedIn profile. It allows to trace all the activities of a candidate even if he/she has done tasks that do not really correspond to his/her job or are not well defined in his/her role. Certainly, updating one’s linkedIn profile helps a person to remember their successes, promotions and all their career paths.

How do I find a job?

We all know that finding a job is not an easy thing to do, especially when it is a job that makes you happy. At the moment, the supply is lower than the demand and that is why candidates will have to do their best to get a job. So here are some tips to help job seekers, namely: updating your CV, investing time in job search, taking care of your e-reputation, establishing a search strategy, making a spontaneous application, researching as much as possible and selling your talent in the best way.

Updating your CV is very important

The CV is an important element in finding a job. Indeed, it is considered as a passport to enter the professional world. Therefore, writing a good CV is the starting point for a job search. However, having a good CV is not enough to get a job. It needs to be up to date and filled with all the most recent information possible.

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